Cingular is losing millions of dollars a month ... and doesn't know it, yet.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dear Cingular,

I hope business is well. I have been a happy customer for over a year now. Last year, you enticed me with a lovely smartphone, in addition to an unlimited data plan. Being able to send/receive e-mail at anytime is priceless. And, at $69.97 / month, it's expensive, but certainly worth it.

Now, I'm no business man, but this is completely stupid:

That's right, you're paying $5.15, every month, to send me my bill: a 231 page manifesto of stupidity. That's over 7% of what I pay you, and you're giving it away to the post office so they can clog my postbox with even more useless shit.

Did I make a bajillion phone calls last month? No, of course not. But every time my phone went and checked for e-mail, you diligently recorded every transaction and mailed me a hardcopy so that I could use it in case I ran out of toilet paper.

Cingular, please - a little common sense would be useful here. Those with unlimited data plans don't really need to know each and every time they made a data transfer, because they don't care. Does my ISP save and send me a record every time I visit a web site? Of course not.

This is really stupid, and you're losing several million dollars in postage every month and you don't even know it. Just fix it, ok?


ps - Yes, you can disable paper bills, but you shouldn't have to
pps - Yes, your lawyers probably gave you some reasons why you need to send out full histories of every data transfer, but they're clearly stupid.


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